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  • 1939 Alpine 586 Kriegsmarine

    1939 Alpina KM 586


    1939 Kriegsmarine Alpina watch cal. 586 movement (quite rare). Neutral leather band. EXC Alpina 586 movement which is quite rare. Nickel-plated brass case with most of the nickel worn or polished off.

  • 1939 Jaeger Le Coutre RAF Pocket Watch

    1939 Jaeger Le Coultre RAF Pocket Watch


    EXC 1939 Jaeger Le Coultre Pocket Watch with enlarged sub-seconds dial. Used by British Royal Air Force Airmen throughout WW2.  

  • 1940 Alpina 592 Kriegsmarine

    1940 Alpina KM 592


    Period time Kriegsmarine service watch. Made by Alpina. A nickel-plated brass case. Silver watch dial including a subsidiary 60 seconds time display at 6 o’clock. “KM 592” marked. Alpina caliber 592 movement. Neutral leather wrist band.

  • 1940 Festa 720 Kriegsmarine WW2 Watch

    1940 Festa KM 720


    Silver watch dial including a subsidiary 60 seconds time display at 6 o’clock. “KM 720” marked. With leather wristband. Original Festa Kriegsmarine watch. Movement cal 720.

  • 1941 Zentra 338 Kriegsmarine WW2

    1941 Zentra KM 338


    1941 Zentra KM 338 in Nickel-plated steel case. Gold-bronze-colored watch dial with luminous hands as well as a 60-second subdial. “ZentRa” maker marked and “KM” marked. Original watch glass.

  • 1942 Wagner 650 Kriegsmarine

    1942 Wagner 650 KM


    1942 Kriegsmarine Wagner 650 with leather band. Pristine example of an early Kriegsmarine watch made by Wagner. Near mint condition. Written on the back of the case is “RW – Boden rostfreiere Stahl”.

  • 1943 Waltham UK Pilots Watch

    1942 Waltham RAF Pilot Watch


    This Waltham RAF Pilot Watch exemplifies superior craftsmanship. Its durable stainless steel case houses a sleek black dial with luminous hands, ensuring optimal visibility in challenging conditions. The watch is powered by a reliable 17-jewel movement and boasts water resistance, making it a versatile timepiece suitable for everyday wear.

  • 1942 Zentra 334 KM

    1942 Zentra KM 334


    1942 Zentra KM 334. Original Zentra Kriegsmarine watch. Caliber 335 movement. Silver watch dial including a subsidiary 60 seconds time display at 6 o’clock. “KM 334” marked. Neutral, worn leather wristband.

  • 1943 Laco Beo Uhr Pilots 55mm

    1943 Laco B Uhr


    German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt BE109 WW2 pilot wristwatch. Cal D5, 18 Jewels, Blued Breguet Hairspring, Manual Winding. Commissioned by the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) in the early 1940s, these oversized pilot watches were designed to meet the demanding requirements of wartime aviation.

  • 1943 Zentra Wehrmacht Paratrooper

    1943 Zentra Wehrmacht Paratrooper


    Original Zentra Paratroopers Watch. Second Hand Dial. Manual Winding. Black dial typical of Wehrmacht watches.

  • 1944 IWC Beobachtungsuhr Watch

    1944 IWC Beobachtungsuhr


    1944 IWC Beobachtungsuhr Leuchtzifferblatt. Very nice nickel-plated metal case. Magnetic backplate. Silver-plated watch dial with black numerals and hands as well as a 60-second subdial. “International Watch Co Schaffhausen, Swiss” maker marked and “KM” marked.

  • 1944 Revue Sport Category PNG

    1944 Revue Sport


    Stainless steel case. Black watch dial with a 60-second subdial. “Revue-Sport” marked. All hands (luminous) and the winding crown are present. Numbered “D 289429 H” on the bottom. No damage to the glass. Including an original leather watchband (which comes from a wartime Kriegsmarine store find).

  • 1944 Stowa Luftwaffe Watch Image

    1944 Stowa Luftwaffe


    A Legacy of Leadership: The Luftwaffe Stowa watch, a relic of World War II, carries a rich history tied to Generalmajor Oskar Dinort, a prominent figure in the German Luftwaffe. As the first Commandeur of the Stuka-Geschwaders 2 “Immelmann,” Dinort played a crucial role in the early stages of the war, leading dive-bombing attacks with devastating effect.

  • 1944 Waltham US Marines

    1944 Waltham US Marines


    Later WW2 Waltham US Marines 32mm Service Watch. Mechanical, Central Second, Manual Wind 16 Jewels. Arabic Numerals, Full Original Condition. Case Width – 32mm. Case Thickness Including Crystal – 12.5mm

  • 1945 Breitling Premier Category PNG

    1945 Breitling Premier


    Original Breitling chronograph with 18kt (750) 32mm gold case. Original dial and hands. Neutral leather strap. Venus 175 movement. Reference 789. 37.85 grams.

  • 1955 Omega Seamaster

    1955 Omega Seamaster


    Original Omega Seamaster from 1955. White dial with original crown. Refurbished in 2022. New band and repaired second hand.