1944 Waltham US Marines


Later WW2 Waltham US Marines 32mm Service Watch.

Mechanical, Central Second, Manual Wind 16 Jewels.

Arabic Numerals, Full Original Condition.

Case Width – 32mm. Case Thickness Including Crystal – 12.5mm

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1944 Waltham US Marines 32mm Service Watch: A Durable Timepiece

This 1944 Waltham US Marines 32mm Service Watch, presented in its full original condition, is a remarkable piece of horological history. Crafted during the latter part of World War II, this watch served as a reliable companion for the brave Marines of the United States, witnessing pivotal moments in the Pacific Theater.

Technical Specifications and Design:

  • Mechanical Movement The watch houses a 16-jewel mechanical movement, known for its durability and accuracy. This manual-wind mechanism exemplifies the dependable technology of the era, requiring no batteries or external power source.
  • Central Second Hand: The central second hand, a feature not always present in military watches of the time, allowed for precise timekeeping, crucial for coordinating military operations and synchronizing actions.
  • Black Dial with Arabic Numerals: The black dial, a common feature in military watches for enhanced visibility, features luminous Arabic numerals and hands, ensuring readability even in low-light conditions. The patina on the dial and hands adds to the watch’s vintage character and authenticity.
  • 32mm Case and Leather Strap: The watch’s compact 32mm case size made it comfortable to wear during active duty. The black leather strap, while not necessarily original to the watch, complements its vintage aesthetic and utilitarian design.

Historical Context and Significance

The Waltham Watch Company, a prominent American manufacturer, played a crucial role in supplying timepieces to the US military during World War II. The 1944 Waltham US Marines 32mm Service Watch, specifically designed for the Marines, represents a vital contribution to the war effort. These watches were instrumental in various military operations, from amphibious landings to jungle warfare, proving their reliability and resilience in challenging conditions.

The watch’s historical significance extends beyond its military use. It stands as a tangible reminder of the sacrifices and bravery of the US Marines who served during World War II. It is a symbol of American ingenuity and the nation’s commitment to providing its troops with the best possible equipment.

Investment Potential and Collector’s Appeal

Vintage military watches, especially those in original condition like this 1944 Waltham, are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts. The watch’s historical significance, association with the US Marines, and well-preserved state make it a valuable addition to any collection. The growing interest in vintage timepieces and the limited availability of such models further enhance its investment potential.

Owning this 1944 Waltham US Marines 32mm Service Watch is not merely acquiring a timepiece; it is owning a piece of history.




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