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Hutchens Vintage is a renowned Australian retailer specializing in collector-grade military artifacts spanning from the 19th century to the modern era. Our meticulously curated collection encompasses a diverse range of items, including:

  • Exquisite Watches: Immerse yourself in the rich history of timekeeping with our collection of antique and vintage watches. From pocket watches to wristwatches, each piece embodies craftsmanship and timeless elegance.
    Click Here for Vintage Military Watches

  • Legendary Swords: Discover the captivating stories behind our collection of swords, encompassing a variety of styles and origins. Whether you seek the elegance of a Japanese Katana or the history of a Civil War sword, we have something to ignite your passion for history.
    Click Here for Vintage Military Swords

  • Iconic Pistols: Explore the evolution of firearms with our collection of pistols, showcasing the ingenuity and innovation that shaped the world of weaponry. From historic revolvers to modern semi-automatics, each piece represents a significant chapter in military history.
    Click Here for Vintage Military Pistols

  • Remarkable Helmets: Delve into the fascinating world of protective headwear with our collection of helmets. With a range of helmets of historical and 20th century soldiers, each piece offers a glimpse into the evolution of battlefield protection.
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At Hutchens Vintage, we are committed to preserving and sharing the legacy of these historical artifacts. Each item tells a unique story, offering a tangible connection to the past. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the treasures that await you.

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