1939 Alpina KM 586


1939 Kriegsmarine Alpina watch cal. 586 movement (quite rare). Neutral leather band.

EXC Alpina 586 movement which is quite rare. Nickel-plated brass case with most of the nickel worn or polished off.

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1939 Alpina KM 586: A Testament to Maritime Precision and Resilience

This 1939 Alpina KM 586, a rare relic of the Kriegsmarine, is a window into the naval history of World War II. This particular timepiece, distinguished by its “KM” marking on the dial and the number “234,” served as a crucial tool for German naval personnel, aiding in navigation, timing maneuvers, and coordinating actions at sea.

Precision Engineering and Timeless Design

  • Calibre 586 Movement: Renowned for its accuracy and dependability, the rare Calibre 586 movement was specifically designed for the rigors of maritime use, making this watch a testament to Alpina’s commitment to quality and precision.
  • Original Features: The watch appears to retain its original dial, hands, and crown, showcasing the authentic patina of a well-preserved vintage timepiece.
  • Silvered Dial with Subsidiary Seconds: The silvered dial, adorned with Arabic numerals and a subsidiary seconds dial at 6 o’clock, prioritized legibility and precise timekeeping for naval operations.
  • Leather Band: The watch is presented on a black leather band, which complements the vintage aesthetic while offering a comfortable fit.

Historical Significance and Rarity

The Alpina KM 586 holds a unique place in horological history, representing a specific period of watchmaking during wartime. Issued exclusively to the Kriegsmarine, this model is a rare find, sought after by collectors and history enthusiasts alike. Its well-preserved condition and original features offer a tangible link to the past and a fascinating glimpse into the world of naval timekeeping during World War II.

A Coveted Collector’s Item

This 1939 Alpina KM 586 transcends its function as a timepiece; it is a historical artifact that encapsulates the spirit of a bygone era..




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KM 586



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