1939 Jaeger Le Coultre RAF Pocket Watch


EXC 1939 Jaeger Le Coultre Pocket Watch with enlarged sub-seconds dial.

Used by British Royal Air Force Airmen throughout WW2.


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1940s Jaeger Le Coultre RAF 6B/159 Navigator’s Pocket Watch: A Window into Aviation History

This remarkable timepiece, a 1940s Jaeger Le Coultre RAF 6B/159 Navigator’s Pocket Watch, offers a unique glimpse into the world of wartime aviation and the precision tools that guided pilots and navigators through the skies.

Designed for Precision Navigation

This pocket watch was specifically designed for the Royal Air Force (RAF) with an Air Ministry design dial preferred by navigators. The original plate and the distinctive fine deep blue stylized handset, unique to this version, showcase the meticulous attention to detail that went into crafting these essential tools. The fully signed fine gilt movement remains in good working order, a testament to the watch’s enduring quality and craftsmanship.

A Rare and Unrestored Time Capsule

This RAF-issued 6E/50 watch, with serial number A9709, is a rare find in unrestored original condition. Apart from a new winding spindle under the crown, replaced during a 2022 service, this timepiece remains a pristine example of its kind, allowing us to appreciate its historical and horological significance.

Insights from “Military Timepiece Markings”

According to the reference text “Military Timepiece Markings,” RAF-issued pocket watches differed from their Army counterparts primarily in their non-luminous dials. Interestingly, 15-jewel pocket watches were often preferred by navigators, particularly during night bombing operations.

The larger size of pocket watches allowed navigators to easily place them on charts for quick reference while working. Additionally, the oversized subsidiary seconds dial on this Jaeger Le Coultre watch underscores the importance of precise timekeeping in critical operational circumstances.




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Pocket Watch 6E/50







Military Grouping

Royal Air Force