1944 Revue Sport


Stainless steel case. Black watch dial with a 60-second subdial. “Revue-Sport” marked. All hands (luminous) and the winding crown are present.

Numbered “D 289429 H” on the bottom. No damage to the glass. Including an original leather watchband (which comes from a wartime Kriegsmarine store find).

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A Glimpse into History: The 1944 Revue Sport

The inscription “D 289429 H” on this timepiece reveals its history as a service watch (Dienstuhr) issued to the German Heer (Army) during World War II. Crafted by Revue Thommen in Waldenburg, Switzerland, this watch represents a unique chapter in horological history. While Switzerland remained neutral during the war, its watchmaking industry was not immune to the conflict’s impact.

The 1944 Revue Sport Dienstuhr: A Piece of Swiss Watchmaking History Amidst Wartime.

Revue Thommen, known for its precision instruments and aviation equipment, was commissioned by the German government to produce watches for the Wehrmacht. The factory in Waldenburg, nestled in the Jura mountains, would have been a hub of activity during this time, with skilled watchmakers meticulously crafting timepieces under the watchful eye of military inspectors.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Black dial with 60-second subdial
  • Luminous hands and winding crown
  • Numbered “D 289429 H” on the case rear
  • Undamaged glass
  • Original leather watchband from a Kriegsmarine store

This particular watch, with its sturdy stainless steel case, black dial, luminous hands, and 60-second subdial, reflects the utilitarian design favored by the military. It was built for durability and legibility, able to withstand the rigors of combat and provide accurate timekeeping under challenging conditions. The original leather strap, sourced from a wartime Kriegsmarine store, adds a tangible link to the watch’s military provenance.

Despite the wartime context of its production, the 1944 Revue Sport Dienstuhr exemplifies the high standards of Swiss watchmaking. The attention to detail, precision engineering, and quality materials used in its construction speak to the expertise of the craftsmen involved.




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Revue Sport


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