1941 Zentra KM 338


1941 Zentra KM 338 in Nickel-plated steel case.

Gold-bronze-colored watch dial with luminous hands as well as a 60-second subdial.

“ZentRa” maker marked and “KM” marked.

Original watch glass.

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1941 Zentra KM 338: A Robust Timekeeper of the Kriegsmarine

This 1941 Zentra KM 338 stands as a testament to the practical and functional timepieces utilized by the German Kriegsmarine during World War II. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of naval warfare, this watch embodies the principles of durability, reliability, and legibility. This specific timepiece is being offered by Hutchens Vintage, a purveyor of vintage items.

Distinctive Design and Military Utility

  • Nickel-Plated Steel Case: The watch features a nickel-plated steel case, a durable and corrosion-resistant material chosen for its ability to withstand the salty marine environment. The visible signs of wear on the plating, as seen in the image, attest to the watch’s history and use. The case appears to be in good condition with minimal wear, a testament to the watch’s care and preservation.
  • Cream Dial with Luminous Hands and Arabic Numerals: The dial’s cream color, showcasing a warm patina, offers excellent contrast against the black Arabic numerals and luminous hands. The luminous paint on the hands and hour markers, likely radium-based, allowed for timekeeping in low-light conditions, essential for naval personnel. The dial also features a prominent “KM” marking, signifying its designation for the Kriegsmarine.
  • Sub-Dial and Markings: The 60-second sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position facilitated precise timekeeping, crucial for navigation and synchronization during naval operations. The “ZentRa” maker’s mark further confirms the watch’s authenticity and origin.
  • Original Watch Glass: The watch retains its original watch glass, exhibiting minor signs of wear consistent with its age, preserving its historical integrity. The glass was likely made of acrylic, a durable material known for its resistance to shattering.
  • Leather Strap: The watch features a worn leather strap, likely a replacement, adding to its vintage charm and suggesting it has been cherished and used over the years.

Historical Context and Functionality

This 1941 Zentra KM 338 represents a specific chapter in German horological history during World War II. While not as widely known as some other military watches of the era, it played a crucial role in the daily operations of the Kriegsmarine, serving as a reliable tool for officers and sailors alike.

The Zentra brand, while not as prestigious as some Swiss counterparts, was known for producing quality timepieces that met the stringent requirements of military use. The KM 338 exemplifies this commitment to precision and durability, making it a sought-after piece for collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

A Collector’s Treasure

Today, this 1941 Zentra KM 338 is a sought-after collector’s item, valued for its historical significance and connection to World War II. Its robust construction, functional design, and original components offer a glimpse into the technological and logistical aspects of naval warfare during that era.




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KM 338



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