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  • 1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle Category

    1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle

    .54 Calibre rifle used in the initial stages of the US Civil War. Developed by Christian Sharps, this weapon boasted a unique breech-loading mechanism that enabled a higher rate of fire compared to traditional muzzle-loading rifles.

  • 1859 Spingfield Infantry Rifle

    1859 Springfield Infantry Rifle

    The 1859 Springfield Infantry Rifle, a cornerstone of the American Civil War, stands as a testament to the evolving technology of firearms in the mid-19th century. Produced at the famed Springfield Armory, this .58 caliber rifled musket represented a significant advancement in accuracy and range over the smoothbore muskets that preceded it.

  • 1860 Army Spencer Civil War

    1860 Spencer Army Repeating Rifle

    This well maintained 1860 Spencer Army repeating rifle is a rare find for the serious collector of Civil War firearms. A technological marvel of its time, the Spencer’s rapid-fire lever-action and seven-round magazine gave Union soldiers a decisive advantage on the battlefield. 200,000 pieces made between 1860-1869. First cartridge rifle developed.

  • 1873 Winchester Trappers Rifle Category PNG

    1873 Winchester Trappers Rifle

    The Winchester Model 1873 Trapper’s Rifle is a lever-action repeating firearm designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry and manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Introduced in 1873, it quickly gained popularity for its reliability, ease of use, and firepower, earning the nickname “The Gun that Won the West.”

  • 1914 Lee Enfield 5th Light Horse Rifle

    1910 Lee Enfield 5th Light Horse Regiment

    1910 Lee Enfield 5th Light Horse Regiment. This fine instrument served in WWI in the 5th Light Horse Regiment. Their most active battle was in Damascus in September 1918, known as the Battle of Megiddo. They assisted General Chauvel capture Damascus and cut off retreating Germans and Turkish soldiers.

  • 1912 Lee Enfield Gallipoli Mk III Gallipoli

    1912 Lee Enfield Mk III Gallipoli

    The Lee Enfield Mk III, a .303 caliber bolt-action rifle, stands as an iconic symbol of military history, particularly renowned for its service during World War I. Its legacy is deeply intertwined with the Gallipoli Campaign, a pivotal conflict that shaped the course of the war.