1867 Junkers Garde Du Corps

1867 Prussian Helmet of the Kings Guard.

Service Spike, EM Pattern, cleaned, polished. A worked over helmet.

Prussian Cockade in Place. Complete Chin Scales, EM Leather Lining.

Extra holes period time closed to fit the helmet plate and rivets.

EM Front Badge “SUUM CIQUE”.

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This Prussian Model 1867 helmet, likely used by an enlisted member (EM) of the Junkers Garde Du Corps, an elite cavalry unit. The helmet is made of tombak, a copper and zinc alloy, and features a silver-plated front plate (“wappen”) with the motto “MIT GOTT FÜR KÖNIG UND VATERLAND,” meaning “With God for King and Fatherland” and the motto “SUUM CUIQUE,” meaning “To each his own.”.

The helmet displays the Prussian eagle and a crowned “FR” cypher for Frederick Rex (King Frederick) encircled with the Order of the Black Eagle on its wappen. The interior of the helmet features a leather liner riveted to the tombak shell. It appears to be worn with age, suggesting that it has seen use in the field. The presence of a service spike indicates the helmet was intended for field use.

The “EM Leather Lining” refers to the interior lining of the helmet, likely made of leather for comfort and durability. The Prussian cockade, a national symbol, is prominently displayed on the side of the helmet. This helmet serves as a tangible artifact of Prussian military history








Suum Cuique



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