1945 Lithgow Lee Enfield Mk III

Stamped with the Lithgow makers mark and dated 1945. Matching barrel and receiver numbers.

Matching woods, with the Lithgow stamps and a 1943 dated butt. Comes with its rifle sling and bayonet.

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The Lee Enfield MkIII: Lithgow NSW

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Lee Enfield MkIII rifle showcases the hallmarks of a bygone era. The sleek lines of the wooden stock seamlessly merge with the cold, well-worn patina on the metal components.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Lee Enfield Mk III boasts a remarkable legacy of reliability and accuracy. Chambered in the venerable .303 British cartridge, it served as the mainstay of the British and Commonwealth forces throughout World War II and beyond. The rifle’s smooth bolt action, coupled with its 10-round magazine capacity, allowed for rapid and sustained fire, making it a formidable weapon on the battlefield.

Adding to its historical significance, this Lee Enfield Mk III is accompanied by an original WW2 Australian Army issued bayonet. This formidable blade, designed for close-quarters combat, serves as a chilling reminder of the brutal realities of war.




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