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  • 1860 Cavalry Officers Sword

    1860 Cavalry Officers Sword

    This Confederate sword is a relic of the American Civil War. The hilt is a testament to the era’s craftsmanship, featuring a brass guard intricately engraved with floral motifs. The grip, likely wrapped in leather or sharkskin, is designed for a firm yet comfortable hold, essential for the swift maneuvers of cavalry charges and duels.

  • 1861 Civil War Union Officers Category PNG

    1861 Officers Cavalry Sword

    This 1861 Confederate officer’s sword is a historical artifact from the American Civil War (1861-1865). It bears the etching “CSA,” signifying its allegiance to the Confederate States of America, a symbol of the Southern states’ secession and fight for independence.

  • 1862 Civil War Union Officers Cavalry

    1862 Cavalry Officers Sword Union

    Beyond its functional and aesthetic qualities, this 1862 Union Cavalry Officers Sword serves as a tangible link to a pivotal moment in American history. The pommel, also of brass, balances the sword’s weight and adds a touch of elegance to the weapon.

  • 1863 Civil War Union Officers Cavalry Sabre 2

    1863 Officers Cavalry Sabre Union

    The Model 1860 sabre was a critical tool for Union cavalry officers, used in countless engagements during the Civil War. This weapon symbolizes the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for the Union, making it a valuable artifact of American history.

  • 1865 Civil War Sword St Clair Mulholland

    1865 Sword Col. St Clair Augustin Mullholland

    1865 Presentation Sword awarded to Col. St Clair Augustin Mulholland, later promoted to Maj. Gen. Awarded by his own division (‘A’ Company of the 116th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment) for Heroic Service in the Battle of Boydton Plank Road, Virginia in October 1964.

  • 1897 Patteren Naval Officers Category PNG

    1897 Pattern Naval Officers Sword

    The 1897 Pattern Naval Officer’s Sword stands as a testament to the rich history and tradition of the Royal Navy. This iconic weapon served as the standard issue for officers from 1897 until the 1930s, symbolizing their authority and role within the prestigious naval force.

  • 1908 Light Horse Sword 2

    1908 Pattern Cavalry Light Horse Sword

    The 1908 Pattern Cavalry Sword, renowned for its use by the Australian Light Horse during World War I, was a weapon designed purely for thrusting in mounted combat.

  • WW2 Japan Sword 1

    1942 Japanese Sword WW2

    Type 98 Shin Gunto (New Army Sword), a standard-issue weapon for Japanese officers during WWII. Captured by an Australian Soldier in Papua New Guinea in WW2 and subsequently brought back to Western Australia. Leather Foul Weather Cover in Good Condition with Latch to Sword Handle.

  • 1943 Japanese WW2 Papua Katana

    1943 Japanese Sword WW2

    WW2 Japanese Officer’s Katana. Captured by an Australian Soldier and brought back to Western Australia. Chrysanthemum Pattern on Blade Handle. Ray Skin (Samegawa) Handle. Standard Brown Cover.