1910 Lee Enfield 5th Light Horse Regiment

1910 Lee Enfield 5th Light Horse Regiment.

This fine instrument served in WWI in the 5th Light Horse Regiment.

Their most active battle was in Damascus in September 1918, known as the Battle of Megiddo.

They assisted General Chauvel capture Damascus and cut off retreating Germans and Turkish soldiers.

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The 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment

The 1910 Lee Enfield SMLE rifle, as seen in the photos, served in World War I with the distinguished 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment. The regiment was part of the 4th Light Horse Brigade, which was part of the Desert Mounted Corps. The Desert Mounted Corps played a critical role in the Battle of Megiddo (1918) by capturing the passes through the Carmel Range and severing the communication lines of the Ottoman Seventh and Eighth Armies. The 5th Light Horse Regiment was involved in the capture of Damascus, which helped to cut off retreating German and Turkish soldiers.

An Instrument of War

The rifle itself, as depicted, bears the marks of its history. The wooden stock shows a rich patina, hinting at the countless hours spent in the hands of its user. The metal components, while showing some signs of age and honest wear, are not heavily corroded or damaged, a testament to the care taken in its maintenance both during and after its service.

The Battle of Megiddo

The Battle of Megiddo was a turning point in the Middle Eastern theater of World War I. The Allied victory led to the capture of Damascus and Aleppo, and the eventual collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The 5th Light Horse Regiment, armed with rifles like this one, played a significant role in the battle, and their actions helped to secure a decisive Allied victory.

This particular Lee Enfield SMLE rifle stands as a tangible link to a pivotal moment in history, a silent witness to the bravery and sacrifice of the 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment.






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